Virginia Board for People with Disabilities

Assessing Virginia's Disability Services

2014 Assessment of the Disability Services System in Virginia

Volume 1 — Key Findings and Recommendations
Assessment CoverThere are several significant format and content changes in this edition. A key change is the separation of the Assessment into two volumes. Volume 1 (67 pages, August 2014) includes the Board’s Key Findings and Recommendations.

Volume 1: Key Findings and Board Recommendations

Volume 2
The detailed Volume 2 (500 pages) contains data on the specific services and supports reviewed that, in addition to public comment, are the basis for the findings and recommendations. These are designed to be companion documents.

Updated Edition (October 2014) Now Available
If you received a hard copy or CD containing Volume 2 of the 2014 Assessment of the Disability Services System in Virginia, you’ll want to replace the August 2014 version with the October 2014 edition. Why? After its release, the Board found a number of typographical and calculation errors in several charts. These errors have been corrected in the October 2014 release.

None of the errors affected Volume 1, Key Findings and Board Recommendations, dated August 2014. Board findings were based on data analysis and research. We regret the errors, and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause readers of this essential resource for people with disabilities, their families, care providers, policymakers, and constituents.

The Assessment’s chapters are organized by the core categories of services/supports needed by Virginians with developmental and related disabilities across the lifespan. References are included at the end of each chapter. Information on statewide advocacy groups is provided in Appendix A, and information on preparing for emergencies is contained in Appendix B. The 2014 Assessment describes disability services and supports that are primarily funded, operated, licensed, regulated, or contracted by state agencies.

2016 Assessment & Beyond
The 2016 General Assembly passed, and the Governor signed, HB 415 which as of July 1, 2016 changes the structure and format of the Board’s Triennial Assessment of the Disability Services System in Virginia. The new code section § 51.5-33 states: "Beginning July 1, 2017, to submit an annual report to the Governor, through the Secretary of Health and Human Resources, that provides an in-depth assessment of at least two major service areas for people with disabilities to be determined by the Board, that (i) includes a description of critical issues and trend analyses, (ii) identifies the needs of persons with developmental and related disabilities, (iii) evaluates the effectiveness of services provided by state-supported programs, and (iv) makes programmatic and fiscal recommendations for improving services and supports. ; Once every four years, the Board shall make available to the public all the service areas it intends to review over the following four years and shall ensure that each of these service areas is reviewed at least once within such period." The change will enable more in-depth analysis on key issues. In addition, the data for each report will be more up to date because the time-frame for completion will be quicker and the Board can address key areas of change as they occur.

At its June 15, 2016 Board meeting, the Board determined that the areas to be addressed in State Fiscal Year 2017, which begins July 1, will be Education and Employment. Subsequent areas to be addressed by July 2020 will be: early intervention/childhood, Medicaid, healthcare, housing, transportation, community living supports, and institutional supports. Interim policy/research briefs may also be developed to address emerging issues of immediate concern throughout each 4 year period.

Read the 2014 Assessment

Download Volume 1: Key Findings and Board Recommendations

You may download Volume 2 of the Assessment as a single PDF, or you may download each section individually.

Table of Contents
Preface and Acknowledgments
Chapter I – Early Intervention
Chapter II – Education
Chapter III – Employment
Chapter IV – Health Care
Chapter V – Medicaid
Chapter VI – Community Living Supports
Chapter VII – Institutional Supports
Chapter VIII – Community Housing
Chapter IX – Transportation
Appendix A. Statewide Information and Advocacy Resources
Appendix B. Emergency Preparedness
Appendix C. Acronyms
Board Membership and Staff Contacts


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