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  Latest News from the Board

 The Board has released it's five-year state plan. To read the 2022-2026 State Plan & Infographic, please visit our Planning Documents and Reports page.

 The Board has three new fact sheets, developed in conjunction with the Partnership for People with Disabilities ad the Arc of Virginia, regarding safety information about coronavirus vaccines for people with disability, including safety, how to receive the vaccine, and what to expect after you get it.
Safety | How to Get the Vaccine | After You're Vaccinated

 The Board has completed its report on the state of Housing in Virginia as part of Project Living Well. The summary and full report can be read here.

 The Board has assembled a handy cheat sheet of tips for safely using and caring for your cloth face masks. You can download it HERE. Stay safe!

 The Board has compiled a handy guide to help explains the Coronavirus stimulus and how an ABLEnow account can protect the other benefits you receive.You can download it HERE. Stay safe!

 The highlights of the Board's 2019 Program Performance Report are now available to the public! Check them out!.

 Virginia is offering new high quality, low cost healthcare coverage to thousands of people with disabilities beginning January 1, 2019. Qualification criteria have changed and new plans are available. To see if you qualify and to get enrolled, visit http://www.coverva.org/.

Photo of woman in wheelchair outside